[Samba] Offical RHEL AD DC on RHEL

Dario Lesca d.lesca at solinos.it
Mon Feb 20 15:40:57 UTC 2017

Il giorno lun, 20/02/2017 alle 07.09 -0700, Jeff Sadowski via samba ha
> > > sed -i \
> > >        -e 's|^%.*libntvfs-samba4.so|#
> > > &\n%{_libdir}/samba/bind9/dlz_
> > 
> > bind9_11.so\n%{_libdir}/samba/ldb/dsdb_notification.so\n%{_libdir}/
> > samba/ldb/vlv.so|'
> > \
> > >        /home/lesca/rpmbuild/SPECS/samba.spec
> > > 
> Thank you. I think this was the part I was having the most issues
> with.
> It will also be helpful having everything I need installed like the
> rest of what you sent me has.
> Would rawhide be the best place to try this or should I back off to
> 25 or 26 (I think rawhide is beyond the breakpoint for 26)?
This kind of change (add some new files to files session) comes from
some my humble attempts to rebuild the package.

I think this type of rebuild (with_mitkrb5 0 + with_dc 1) is not fully
tested, and consequently the samba.spec files some times is non set
property and aligned with the new feature included by samba team.

Then I do not know which is the best place to put these changes, you
can rebuild it on a your machine

it would be helpful if the maintainer of samba.spec put into it an 'if
dc' (or something like that) so the people do not have to edit the spec
file every time but simply use, for example, a '--with_dc' option

IMHO: If samba support Heimdal, samba must rebuilt in this way. Then,
when the porting to MIT will be finished, People will decide if use
Heimdal or MIT. In most cases, a samba server lives its own life and
must not be integrated with other services or servers using MIT

But this is my humble opinion 


Dario Lesca
(inviato dal mio Linux Fedora 25 Workstation)

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