[Samba] wbinfo -i returns the same id for all users, authentication doesn't seem to go through winbind at all

L A Walsh samba at tlinx.org
Sun Feb 19 22:28:28 UTC 2017

Emmanuel Florac via samba wrote:
> Unknown parameter encountered: "winbind enumerate users"
> Ignoring unknown parameter "winbind enumerate users"
> Unknown parameter encountered: "winbind enumerate groups"
> Ignoring unknown parameter "winbind enumerate groups"

It may be irrelevant, but I have:

  winbind enum groups = Yes
  winbind enum users = Yes

in mine.  The manpage makes no reference to 'enumerate' as a valid

Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
>> If you want to show all users and groups, you will need to add these
>> lines to smb.conf:
>>    winbind enumerate users = yes
>>    winbind enumerate groups = yes
> Only do this for testing.

Eh?  The man page says that turning off enumeration may cause
programs to behave 'oddly' [i.e randomly or to exhibit undocumented
behavior].  That doesn't sound like a "good thing".  Perhaps
you are thinking about the advice on 'winbind expand groups'
where it cautions about high values possibly resulting in server

Remember what I said about using lists from my server
to find out what USERs & GROUPs are available -- turning that off
would not be good for me.

Is there something that has changed to make the older manpage's
advice no longer valid?


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