[Samba] After Classic Upgrade

Christian Naumer cn at brain-biotech.de
Mon Feb 13 12:39:12 UTC 2017

Hello all,
we recently did an classic upgrade of our NT-style domain with LDAP
backend to AD (Version 4.4.9-SerNet on CENTOS 7). We had some small
issues but all in all it worked pretty good.
Now we are in production with 3 DC and have some

-- We used to have a WINS server in our old domain and we kept this
running without change. Is it possible to migrate this to the DCs? and
would it be possible that they all would be WINS servers? If so how?
(just wins support = yes?)

-- We are running dhcpd on two of the DCs with failover configuration
and dynDNS updates via (https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Configure_DHCP
_to_update_DNS_records_with_BIND9). This works quite well. However,
since both dhcp servers want to update the DNS entry locally we
sometime get conflict entries (CNF:xxxxx). Has anybody found a
workaround for this? 



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