[Samba] How is to stop Windows to be DMB if Samba4 standalone server is set up for DMB role !

CpServiceSPb . cpservicespb at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 07:32:49 UTC 2017

There is Windows 2008R2 actng as DC and Samba4 4.5.2 acting as standalone
server in the same network.

Samba4 is set up to be DMB:
domain master = yes
local maser= yes
browse list = yes
os level = 254
preferred master = yes
enhanced browsing = yes

Windows 2008R2 includes also DMB role in itself.

As following, if Windows boots first, before Samba starts, it becomes DMB
and has workgroup<1b> resource name, if Samba starts before Windows boots,
Samba becomes DMB and holds workgroup<1b> resource name.
I changed Samba4 code and could register workgroup<1b> name at Samba4
regardless of Windows booting time - before or after Samba4 starts.
But Windows still holds workgroup<1b> name anyway (in case of booting
before Samba starts) .

How is possible to announce Windows by Samba that Windows is no longer DMB
and it has to release workgrooup<1b> name or to claim workgroup<1b> name
from Windows by Samba ?

What announce or packet with what content has to be send from Samba4 to
Windows to stop Windows to be DMB ?

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