[Samba] Problems with Samba4 Upgrade

Marcio Demetrio Bacci marciobacci at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 12:07:22 UTC 2017

I upgraded my Secondary DC (version 4.2.2) to version 4.5.5. The *samba-tool
drs showrepl command* is OK.

Now the authentication of the users is not working, as message below:

root at dc2:~# wbinfo -a mane
Enter mane's password:
plaintext password authentication succeeded
Enter mane's password:
challenge/response password authentication failed
wbcAuthenticateUserEx(EMPRESA\mane): error code was
error message was: Wrong Password
Could not authenticate user mane with challenge/response

I ran the *dbcheck* command to fix some errors:
samba-tool dbcheck --cross-ncs --fix --yes

I have not yet updated Main DC (version 4.2.1)

How can I solve this problem?


Márcio Bacci

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