[Samba] gpupdate use wrong url

basti mailinglist at unix-solution.de
Tue Feb 7 11:24:54 UTC 2017

Yes that is right. There is an other DNS problem.

On windows:

in explorer I can connect to \\foo\....
in cli "nslookup foo" -> nxdomain
in cli "nslookup foo." -> IP of the DC

On linux:
"nslookup foo" -> ip of DC

I think that is the Problem, but I have no idea to fix it.

Am 07.02.2017 um 11:21 schrieb Alex Crow via samba:
> There's nothing wrong with that path. If your DNS is working, you should
> be able to connect to \\foo, which is your AD domain.
> It will just pick one of your DCs instead of a static one.
> Alex
> On 06/02/17 14:36, basti via samba wrote:
>> samba-tool gpo listall
>> showes also wrong path in gpo
>> On 06.02.2017 15:21, basti via samba wrote:
>>> When I do an gpupdate /force a wrong url is used.
>>> \\foo\SysVol\foo\Policies\{89E....}\gpt.ini
>>> ON my dc the path (in explorer) is
>>> \\dc1\sysol\foo\Policies\{89E....}\gpt.ini
>>> or
>>> \\dc1.foo\sysol\foo\Policies\{89E....}\gpt.ini
>>> whats wrong?
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