[Samba] linux clients sharing same home directory as W clients

Bob of Donelson Trophy bob at donelsontrophy.net
Sun Feb 5 17:18:37 UTC 2017

On 2017-02-05 08:39, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:

> On Sun, 05 Feb 2017 07:52:50 -0600
> Bob of Donelson Trophy via samba <samba at lists.samba.org> wrote:
>> I know others have done this in the past but I still have this simple
>> basic question. 
>> Every time I begin to look into adding a linux client to my samba4
>> based domain system I get confused. 
>> How my linux client authenticates does not matter to me, at the
>> moment. 
>> My question is this, can linux clients (via the file share access
>> method of choice, sssd, cifs, sshfs, etc.) access the same "home"
>> directory user files as the Windows client users via addc? 
>> Further explanation of my question. Our Windows clients use folder
>> redirection via GPO to keep Windows(Samba) user files on a Samba
>> member server. Can the linux client access (via NFS perhaps) the same
>> Samba member server "home" directory without file permission issue
>> between the two different client heterogeneous OS mixture? 
>> What potential problems am I about to create for myself?
> This all depends on whether your 'Linux' user is known to the Samba
> member server or not and if known, that they have the same username &
> password as the 'windows' user.
> The easiest way to ensure this occurs, is to join the Linux machines to
> the domain and set up Samba (and AD) to make all your users AD users.
> This way a user could log onto a windows machine, create a file, log
> off and then move to a Linux machine, log in and read the same file.
> If you are storing files on a DC, then you should use the winbind 'ad'
> backend and give all your AD users a uidNumber and Domain Users a
> gidNumber.
> Questions ??
> Rowland

So, clearly there are no "file lock" issues or "the like" that would
prevent the file created in Windows (client) to be "seen" by the Linux
client when the same user logs into the linux workstation? 

I understand what your suggesting . . . I am only concerned with user
access via Windows client and the same user having access via linux

(I intend to authenticate the linux client to the AD. I have
experimented with that in the past and used sssd and (the newer version
of) LikewiseOpen. Does not mean that there is not any other way, though.
I am just struggling with "getting my head around" how to share the same
Windows user directories to the linux clients and there NOT being any
file permission issues.) 

The experiment continues . . . 

Thanks, again for your answer and suggestion.


Bob Wooden of Donelson Trophy

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