[Samba] linux clients sharing same home directory as W clients

Bob of Donelson Trophy bob at donelsontrophy.net
Sun Feb 5 13:52:50 UTC 2017

I know others have done this in the past but I still have this simple
basic question. 

Every time I begin to look into adding a linux client to my samba4 based
domain system I get confused. 

How my linux client authenticates does not matter to me, at the moment. 

My question is this, can linux clients (via the file share access method
of choice, sssd, cifs, sshfs, etc.) access the same "home" directory
user files as the Windows client users via addc? 

Further explanation of my question. Our Windows clients use folder
redirection via GPO to keep Windows(Samba) user files on a Samba member
server. Can the linux client access (via NFS perhaps) the same Samba
member server "home" directory without file permission issue between the
two different client heterogeneous OS mixture? 

What potential problems am I about to create for myself?


Bob Wooden of Donelson Trophy

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