[Samba] net ads and wbinfo are painfully slow -- but they work

Geert Lorang geert.lorang at luciad.com
Thu Feb 2 18:20:35 UTC 2017

On 2/02/2017 18:28, Chris Stankevitz via samba wrote:

> wbinfo -u took 4 minutes to complete.  It completed and displayed the
> correct/valid list of users.
and this:
> gss_acquire_creds failed for GSS_C_NO_NAME with [ No credentials were
> supplied, or the credentials w
> ere unavailable or inaccessible.: unknown mech-code 0 for mech 1 2 840
> 113554 1 2 2] -the caller may
>   retry after a kinit.

Remind me too much of https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=11852 
which was fixed after 4.2.10 but before 4.2.14 - so you shouldn't be 
impacted actually, but it might be worth to double check it.
Check in your winbindd debug log for the following:

"Current tickets expire in 36000 seconds (at <timestamp>, time is now 

If it states anything negative (e.g. "Current ticket expire in 
-1474558139 seconds") you're hitting the above mentioned bug which 
results in a super slow wbinfo (because it has to kinit for every user 
you want to list).

Just my 2 cents!


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