[Samba] Eventually transitioning to Windows Server 2016

Andreas Heinlein aheinlein at gmx.com
Mon Dec 18 07:41:24 UTC 2017

Am 16.12.2017 um 15:45 schrieb Rowland Penny via samba:
> You can use the Samba 'classicupgrade' tool to migrate your NT4-style
> domain to a Samba AD domain, but, at the moment, you will only get a
> 2008R2 domain. The work to update 2012 is nearing completion and will
> possibly be in Samba 4.8.0. The work to upgrade to 2016 hasn't even
> started yet, but from what I have read, it shouldn't take as much work
> as the 2012 upgrade has taken.
> From my understanding 'ADMT' will only run on a windows server, so I
> don't think this is going to work. What you should be able to do is
> upgrade to a Samba AD DC, join a windows 2008 DC, transfer all the FSMO
> roles to the windows DC, demote the Samba AD DC, then upgrade the
> windows DC to the domain function level you require and then start
> paying for cals.
> Probably easier to set up a new domain ;-)
> Rowland
Just a question for clarification, since I will be going the same way
some time next year:

Are we just talking about domain function levels (Windows Server 2016
should run as a DC on the 2008R2 level just fine), or is it really not
possible to join a Server 2016 to a domain with a samba DC?

The way you describe doesn't really make sense to me - either you would
first set up a Windows Server 2008R2 as DC, transfer the FSMO roles and
demote the samba DC, but then you can't "upgrade the windows DC to the
domain function level you require" since Server 2008R2 obviously won't
support any newer function level. You would have to install yet another
Server 2016 DC or upgrade the DC to Server 2016 first. Or do you mean
"set up a Server 2016 as a DC using the 2008R2 level, transfer the FSMO
roles, demote the samba DC and then upgrade the function level"?


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