[Samba] Can't access DNS from RSAT

Taylor Hammerling thammerling at tcsbasys.com
Tue Dec 12 15:47:54 UTC 2017

Good morning all!

I have two DCs, both running Samba 4.7.3.  I have just joined the second DC
to the domain.  The second DC is replicating AD objects perfectly, I
verified this by running "samba-tool drs showrepl" as well as using the
ADUC RSAT snapin and adding a user to one DC, then switching the DC that
ADUC connects to and verifying that the user was properly replicated.

The DNS objects are alos replicating properly.  I checked this by running
"samba-dnsupdate" as well as by running nslookup, switching the server to
the new DC and doing a couple of lookups.

Unfortunately, I can't access the DNS on the new DC thru the DNS Manager
RSAT snapin.  I get an "access denied" error.  There are no entries in any
of the samba logs when I attempt to open the DNS Manager snapin either.

I CAN access the DNS on the original DC using the DNS Manager RSAT snapin.

I'm hoping (and suspecting) this will just be an easy fix of
chmodding/chowing something...
I've spent the last hour googling and have come up with nada.

Any help you can provide would be VERY appreciated!

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