[Samba] ctdb vacuum timeouts and record locks

Computerisms Corporation bob at computerisms.ca
Mon Dec 11 19:38:06 UTC 2017

Hi Martin,

> something like NFS exports?  If you are only exporting via Samba then
> you could trying setting "posix locking = no" in your Samba
> configuration.  However, please read the documentation for that option
> in smb.conf(5) and be sure of your use-case before trying this on a
> production system...

I did the investigating and determined that there was no particular 
reason not to try this.  I also read about posix locking with gluster, 
and while it is supposed to be posix-compliant and I found a few people 
who had also used this on their system.

Since enabling it, we have had no issues, things have been working as 
advertised and expected.  I also reverted back to 10.internal, and it 
seems to be working happily now, not sure why, but good news nonetheless.

Wanted to say thanks for your help, much appreciated...

> peace & happiness,
> martin

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