[Samba] Samba 3 to 4

Rob Thomas the.question.is.555 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 8 04:32:50 UTC 2017

Hello everyone,

Sorry I inadvertently sent the email before completing

We have a samba 3.5 environment based on Ubuntu Server. We are looking at
migrating to Samba 4 AD and incorporate Windows Server.  From my limited
research and test I've come up with the following list to do. Can you
please advise if it is ok.

We are looking to run up a VM in an isolated environment with the configs
from the Production samba server


- Run up a new Samba 4 Stable (4.7.3 , I think) VM on Ubuntu 17.10
- Install all the prereqs as per the Samba Wiki
- Download and configure the 4.7.3 package
- Install Bind9, Winbind
- Disable Firewall?


- Copy /etc/passwd , groups , /samba/smb.conf to the new server
- Copy /lib/samba and /samba/private to the new server (the tdb files, out
backend is tdbsam)
- Copy bind 9 files to the new location

- Cleanup the SID/RIDs as per the Samba 3 to 4 migration

- Copy the tdbfiles to the dbdir directory
- Run the domain classicupgrade (withoug xttars?) with realm name different
to the domain name (eg. samdom and samdom.local)
- Fix any issues
- Does this create the SRV files for both Realm and Domain?

- Join Server 2008/R2 to the  domain , is 2012 still being tested?
- Dcpromo?

Anything else?

Thank you


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