[Samba] GID range full!!

Stefan G. Weichinger lists at xunil.at
Mon Dec 4 11:56:37 UTC 2017

Am 2017-12-04 um 12:42 schrieb Rowland Penny:

> II take it that 'arbeitsgruppe' is the workgroup name, it should be
> 'ARBEITSGRUPPE' in the 'idmap config' lines.

The output of testparm shows them lowercase, smb.conf has it in uppercase:

        security = ADS
        workgroup = ARBEITSGRUPPE
        realm = arbeitsgruppe.hidden.tld
        log file = /var/log/samba/%m.log
        log level = 1

        idmap config * : backend = tdb
        idmap config * : range = 2000-9999

        idmap config ARBEITSGRUPPE:backend = ad
        idmap config ARBEITSGRUPPE:range = 10000-9999999
        idmap config ARBEITSGRUPPE:schema_mode = rfc2307

        username map = /etc/samba/user.map

        winbind use default domain = Yes
        winbind refresh tickets = Yes
        winbind nss info = rfc2307

        load printers = No
        printcap name = /dev/null

        vfs objects = acl_xattr
        map acl inherit = yes
        store dos attributes = yes

> The '*' range is used to store the Well Known SIDs and anything outside
> the 'arbeitsgruppe' domain, 7999 IDs is more than enough for this, in
> fact 999 IDs should have been enough, there are less than 200 Well
> Known SIDs. 
> Your 'arbeitsgruppe' domain members should fit into 9989999 IDs
> I suspect that either your domain computers are not in fact domain
> computers, or something is badly mis-configured.

Well, I come back here to ask how to do things and configure DC and DM
for over a year now. We discussed the config in various threads and I
always follow your suggestions and the docs as good as I can and understand.

Same this time. *I* don't know what is wrong or might be wrong.

You suggest the domain computers might not be what they should be:
domain computers. You mean, the windows PCs might be not joined correctly?

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