[Samba] getent passwd does not show correct UID.GID

Mark Foley mfoley at ohprs.org
Fri Dec 1 07:33:45 UTC 2017

I've moved a user from being in /etc/passwd to being a proper domain user.  I've added the user
with RSAT with UID.GID 10005.10000. I've removed the user from /etc/passwd. However, getent
continues to show the user with his old UID:

# getent passwd mpress
HPRS\mpress:*:3000031:10000:Mike Press:/home/HPRS/mpress:/bin/bash

in ldbsearch it shows the correct UID:GID:

# record 281
dn: CN=Mike Press,CN=Users,DC=hprs,DC=local
msSFU30NisDomain: hprs
uidNumber: 10005
loginShell: /bin/bash
unixHomeDirectory: /home/HPRS/mpress
gidNumber: 10000
msSFU30Name: mpress

I've rebooted the user's computer. Restarted Samba on the AD/DC, finally rebooted the AD/DC.
I've done:

# /etc/rc.d/rc.sambaDC stop                          
Stopping Samba

# net cache flush                           
# rm /var/lib/samba/*.tdb                      

# /etc/rc.d/rc.sambaDC start
Starting Samba:  /usr/sbin/samba

# getent passwd mpress      
HPRS\mpress:*:10005:10000:Mike Press:/home/HPRS/mpress:/bin/bash

Notice that immediately after doing this flush/rm the UID is correct, but about 30 seconds
later, it's back to 3000031.

Any ideas?

Thanks, --Mark

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