[Samba] Shares not accessible when using FQDN

Gaetan SLONGO gslongo at it-optics.com
Wed Aug 30 10:20:04 UTC 2017

Hi Rowland My test SMB have several test lines and is dirty, for sure not correct :-) 
Could you share your setup to achieve this ? 

Thank you ! 

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On Wed, 30 Aug 2017 11:25:04 +0200 (CEST) 
Gaetan SLONGO <gslongo at it-optics.com> wrote: 

> Rowland, 
> Yes, I mean uidNumber and gidNumber. 
> I'm aware I need to work with AD but at this time I need my unix IDs 
> (on NSS) to keep services working. Not only for files ownership, but 
> also for some other services. Yeah, that's complex... If I undestand 
> well, the best way to do is to join the server using "net ads join" 
> and use nss_winbind. This what I do but I only use the NSS LDAP 
> backend instead of NSS (to keep correct ownership). This will be 
> cleaned in the future (within next migration steps) but for now I 
> think I have no other choice beacause it seems I cannot obtain unix 
> IDs through Winbind on a domain member (or maybe I missed the 
> solution??). 

If you have users in AD and if you examine a typical users object in AD 
and have something like this: 

uidNumber: 10000 

Then yes, I would say that you have missed the solution, this is from a 
Unix domain member using the winbind 'ad' backend: 

getent passwd rowland 
rowland:*:10000:10000:Rowland Penny:/home/rowland:/bin/bash 
Notice this | 

I wonder where that comes from ? 
Oh I know 'uidNumber: 10000' ;-) 

I think your problem may be a very common one, the 'Domain Users' group 
in AD hasn't got a gidNumber attribute, if it has, then you haven't set 
smb.conf up correctly, in which case post your smb.conf 


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