[Samba] File server questions

Flávio Silveira fggs at terra.com.br
Tue Aug 29 20:20:06 UTC 2017

Good evening,

   I am trying to setup Samba as file server using this tutorial: 

   The version I am using is 4.6.7 from Van Belle's repo, on Debian 
Stretch 9.1.

   I have a server subnet (192.168.13.x) and a client subnet 
(192.168.11.x), currently, for testing purposes, the server is on the 
same subnet as the clients. Will I have problems if after the tests I 
move to the server subnet?

   Clients are Windows 10 x64 build 1703 and it seems Master Browser is 
broken on this version as "net view" gives me error 2184.

   For my share structure I am thinking in dividing them in departments 
(groups in this case):

- Commercial (/srv/data/commercial)

- Finances (/srv/data/finances)

- Production (/srv/data/production)

- Marketing (/srv/data/marketing)

   and so on.

   I can show all departments if needed, I need better ideas anyway, as 
I can't figure out a way to give read/write access to a single folder 
per department, if they need to exchange files for some reason.

   The only thing I've changed in smb.conf from the tutorial was adding 
"name resolve order" and putting dns as first.

   Am I going in the right path here?

   Flavio Silveira

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