[Samba] Shares not accessible when using FQDN

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Tue Aug 29 15:03:59 UTC 2017

On Tue, 29 Aug 2017 16:27:46 +0200 (CEST)
Gaetan SLONGO <gslongo at it-optics.com> wrote:

> Hi, 
> "CLUSTER" is because this server is related to a computing cluster,
> and is the master node of that cluster ;) No relation with Samba
> infrastructure, this is just a DNS/Netbios alias. To be honnest the
> reason why this server is also a DC is to solve a big issue appeared
> when migrating from 3 to 4. We had no other choice because of a
> couple of reasons, however it is planed to demote it in the near
> future howerver at this time it needs to work 

OK, but netbios doesn't really work on a DC, also what was the 'big
issue' that meant you had to use a DC ?

> Ok thank you I will try by removing the winbind lines 
> Regarding the share structure I know this is not a good setup at that
> time, now we are in the first step : Migrating from 3 to 4, second
> step will be better share structure. This is needed to reduce
> disruptions. We always operate like this until now and it was always
> successful. Why do you say homes are not working on a DC ? We have a
> couple of servers which are DC and fileserver at the same time (and
> provide homes shares)

You might think [homes] is working correctly and it might appear to be
working, but it will give problems, why do think we put this:

 The [homes] feature is not supported running on a Samba Active
 Directory (AD) domain controller (DC).

on the 'Users Home Folder' wiki page ?

> For now, the biggest issue is shares are not working when using a DNS
> alias because a couple of users have network drives or shortcuts
> which use them 

You will need a CNAME in dns on the DC, but all this seems a bit of an
overkill for something that is going to be demoted.
I think you need to explain what you are migrating from and what you
finally hope to end up with.


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