[Samba] Question regarding permanent mounts

Michael Löffler michael.loeffler at fau.de
Mon Aug 28 16:21:29 UTC 2017

Dear Samba-Team,

we set up a Samba AD with a dedicated fileserver in a heterogeneous
Windows/Linux environment and face a problem right now: we have a few
additional servers used by everyone for doing "heavy" computations.
There, we'd like to mount a folder for sharing between a special group
of users; so it should be mounted permanently. My questions are:

- How can we achieve this?
  - Using cifs, is it possible to use a machine account for mounting and
mount the share when booting?
  - Using nfs, is it possible to use the Samba Kerberos service?
  - What's the "best" solution to achieve the goal ;-) ?

I'm looking forward to your suggestions. Regards

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