[Samba] Setting SePrintOperatorPrivilege

Kjetil Fleten kjetil at fleten.net
Sat Aug 26 21:24:21 UTC 2017

Den 26-08-2017 kl. 21:14 skrev Rowland:
> Does this machine get its IP via DHCP ?
No, it's static IP
> If not, you need a line like this:
> printserver.domain.tld printserver
I have put in a line like this: printserver.workgroup printserver
> and remove the ' printserver' line
> But I don't think this is really your problem, sometimes you
> concentrate on the problem and miss the obvious thing :-(
Changing the host file did not resolve the problem...
> You are trying to setup a printserver on a standalone server using
> tools meant for an NT4 style domain.
> Is the windows machine you mentioned a member of an AD domain ?
No. We are trying to set up the server as a standalone printserver, and 
avoid domain settings. The server is intended as printserver on a school 
where they are implementing BYOD. The pupils computers are non-domain 


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