[Samba] Friendly Reminder: Would you please comment on my findings?

awl1 awl1 at mnet-online.de
Fri Aug 18 21:57:06 UTC 2017

Ah, ok, "directory handle leases"... Ouch, I see... :-(

In this case, I will first repeat my test scenario with a Windows SMB2 
server and report back here.

Based on the results of this exercise, you can then advise whether you 
still want to move this to smb-technical and raise this with Microsoft 
folks (who still might have a simple workaround "fix" to improve their 
SMB2 client performance with a Samba server that does not [yet] 
implement directory handle leases), or whether the only way to fix this 
(on the long run, I am perfectly aware that this is a hugely complex 
task) will be implementing those infamous "directory handle leases" in 
Samba... ;-)

Many thanks so far for the progress we made today - I'll call it a day 
for today now (close to midnight over here), and get back once I have 
the Wireshark recordings of the Windows SMB2 share server...

Best regards

Am 18.08.2017 um 23:42 schrieb Jeremy Allison:
> On Fri, Aug 18, 2017 at 11:35:04PM +0200, awl1 wrote:
>> Am 18.08.2017 um 23:17 schrieb Jeremy Allison via samba:
>>> This might be hidden against Windows due to directory handle
>>> leases, which we don't yet support.
>> Are you saying that when I replace the Samba server by a Windows
>> SMB2 share server, I should see better performance? I can perfectly
>> test that out and record a Wireshark trace for this if you like...
> Yes, that would be my guess.
>> Layperson question: Would such a "directory handle lease" be
>> something like a cache for SMB2 Find responses?
>> This would have to be a client-side cache in order to avoid sending
>> back all 1000 file names in the directory from server to client over
>> the network with every single response.
>> Also, in case it indeed were a client-side cache, this cache would
>> also need to be silently concurrently updated with every Create
>> request/response cycle, because the number of files in the
>> server-side directory always grows by the one file just written
>> between one call to SMB2_FIND_ID_BOTH_DIRECTORY_INFO and the next...
> That's exactly what directory handle leases are. They're
> oplocks for directories.

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