[Samba] Issues with mounting Samba shares after update

Kristian Petersen nesretep at chem.byu.edu
Fri Aug 18 19:28:25 UTC 2017

Our fileserver (running RHEL 7.4) has suddenly stopped allowing access to
network shares through Samba.  It is running Samba 4.6.2.  When someone
tries to mount a shared folder it prompts them for a username and password
which fails even when the password is correct, rather than using their
valid Kerberos ticket as it has in the past.  Anyone here has a similar
experience or suggestions as to where to begin?  The NT Hashes stored in
LDAP are definitely accessible to the server (we ran some test ldapsearch
commands), so even if we weren't using Kerberos that should be working (but
it isn't).

Thanks in advance for your assistance,

Kristian Petersen
System Administrator
Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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