[Samba] FreeBSD samba server returns nt_status_acces_denied when DosStream xattr larger than 64KB

Andrew Walker walker.aj325 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 7 11:15:09 UTC 2017

> If you feel like it, you could write a VFS module that adds better support
> for
> this on FreeBSD, but what is the use case?

I've noticed in online forums that occasionally home NAS users will for
various reasons have streams_xattr enabled and receive 'access denied'
errors when trying to write files with large alternate datastreams. These
are typically on media files (most commonly I've seen them on .avi files),
but I haven't looked closely at them. I'd say the large ADS is either
metadata or malware :-)

The issue doesn't come up frequently because most people don't enable
streams_xattr (though this may change as more home users or NAS vendors
start enabling vfs_fruit + streams_xattr).

I was just curious about whether the behavior is configurable, and now the
curiosity is satisfied. :-)

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