[Samba] Printing with smbspool_krb5_wrapper not working in Ubuntu 16.04

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Sat Aug 5 18:07:32 UTC 2017

On Sat, 5 Aug 2017 19:06:49 +0200
Van Svensson via samba <samba at lists.samba.org> wrote:

> > > I should have mentioned this earlier, but the users does not exist
> > > in /etc/passwd, instead they are in LDAP and when they log in to
> > > the computer they get some Kerberos tickets for the domain and
> > > the file system. When printing on 14.04 they get another Kerberos
> > > ticket for the printing system according to "klist" after they
> > > have done "lpr" and printed a document. On 16.04 nothing is
> > > printed and the user gets no Kerberos ticket for the printing
> > > system and the job is left in "lpq".
> > 
> > Are your main users running Windows ?
> > Are they members of an AD domain ?
> At my part of the organization most people are running Linux: Ubuntu
> 14.04 LTS. Right now I am trying to upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS but
> after the upgrade the printing does no longer work. Centrally at the
> organization they are running Windows and we Linux users are using
> the centrally provided printing system through SMB-Kerberos.
> Everything works fine in 14.04. After upgrading to 16.04 everything
> works except the printing.
> As I mentioned earlier I see that double backslashes are used in
> 16.04 when SMBSPOOL_KRB5 is setting KRB5CCNAME, can that cause this
> problem? Ubuntu 16.04 /var/log/cups/error_log: SMBSPOOL_KRB5 -
> Setting KRB5CCNAME to \'FILE:/tmp/krb5cc_1000\' Ubuntu
> 14.04 /var/log/cups/error_log: SMBSPOOL_KRB5 - Setting KRB5CCNAME to
> 'FILE:/tmp/krb5cc_1000'
> Do you have any idea about what the error "HTTP_STATE_WAITING Closing
> for error 32 (Broken pipe)" can tell me in this situation when it is
> printed right after SMBSPOOL_KRB5 has set KRB5CCNAME?
> Also wondering about why I get this right after the above error:
> "Could not determine network interfaces, you must use a interfaces
> config line"
> (As a side note, not sure if it is interesting, but I see in
> the /var/log/cups/error_log that SMBSPOOL_KRB5 sets KRB5CCNAME
> to /tmp/krb5cc_UID (where UID is >= 1000). In our environment the
> user gets /tmp/krb5cc_UID_RANDOM (where RANDOM is a random string)
> from Heimdal Kerberos when logging in so in 14.04 (where printing
> works) you have to create a symbolic link from /tmp/krb5cc_UID
> to /tmp/krb5cc_UID_RANDOM to have the printing work which we do
> through a small script in /etc/profile.d/. Maybe this has been fixed
> in later versions of Samba so that we do not need to create this
> symbolic link for each user? (Of course I have checked that this
> symbolic link creation works in 16.04.))
> Thanks / Van

To be honest, I don't think this really has anything to do with Samba,
the error messages seem to be coming from cups.


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