[Samba] Fw: Re: Made a join with a netbios name, which already existed, now replication errors

thom_schu at gmx.de thom_schu at gmx.de
Wed Aug 2 08:48:50 UTC 2017

> No you cannot delete something that is already deleted, but then
> deleted objects should be ignored and I think this is fixed in later
> versions.
> Does your Samba version have 'samba-tool domain tombstones expunge' ?
> if it does, you can set the '--tombstone-lifetime' to 1 day and then
> wait, all the 'OADEL' objects should disappear.

no, 4.3.11 (SerNet) doesnt have this option yet. I have to wait then.
Because I wont risc an upgrade before I can join a new DC.
What's the default time for keeping deleted objects ?

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