[Samba] Unable to add a particular member to group (Samba 4.6.3)

Luc Lalonde Luc.Lalonde at polymtl.ca
Fri Apr 28 15:45:39 UTC 2017

Haha!  They're called accents ;-)   And no, the username has none.   We 
stick to strict ASCII usernames.

And I don't agree, the english accent is implicit.   Just ask an 
american or someone in the UK to pronounce the same word ;-)

Le 2017-04-28 à 11:31, Rowland Penny via samba a écrit :
> On Fri, 28 Apr 2017 11:01:14 -0400
> Luc Lalonde <Luc.Lalonde at polymtl.ca> wrote:
>> Hello Rowland,
>> Is this what you mean?
>> [root at roquefort ~]# echo $LANG
>> fr_CA.utf8
> What I was trying to get at is, does your username have any of those
> funny marks above some of the letters (you can tell I am English, I
> don't know the correct name for them because we don't use them)
> Rowland

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