[Samba] CTDB problems

Alex Crow acrow at integrafin.co.uk
Thu Apr 20 12:45:57 UTC 2017

On 20/04/17 03:19, Martin Schwenke wrote:
> On Wed, 19 Apr 2017 12:55:45 +0100, Alex Crow via samba
> <samba at lists.samba.org> wrote:
>> This morning our CTDB managed cluster took a nosedive. We had member
>> machines with hung smbd tasks which causes them to reboot, and the
>> cluster did not come back up consistently. We eventually got it more or
>> less stable with two nodes out of the 3, but we're still seeing worrying
>> messages, eg we've just noticed:
>> [...]
>> 2017/04/19 12:37:19.547636 [vacuum-locking.tdb: 3790]: tdb(/var/lib/ctdb/locking.tdb.2): tdb_oob len 541213780 beyond eof at 55386112
>> 2017/04/19 12:37:19.547694 [vacuum-locking.tdb: 3790]: tdb(/var/lib/ctdb/locking.tdb.2): tdb_free: left offset read failed at 541213776
>> 2017/04/19 12:37:19.547709 [vacuum-locking.tdb: 3790]: tdb(/var/lib/ctdb/locking.tdb.2): tdb_oob len 541213784 beyond eof at 55386112
> No solid guesses on this.  Those messages come from deep in TDB.
> Could the filesystem be full?

I don't think it was at this point, we'd cleared out /var/crash earlier 
and saw plenty of space.

>> [...]
>> Here are some logs from earlier, where we think we had a stuck smbd task:
>> 28657 /usr/sbin/smbd locking.tdb.2 9848 9848 W
>> 28687 /usr/sbin/smbd locking.tdb.2 186860 186860 W
>> 18214 /usr/libexec/ctdb/ctdb_lock_helper locking.tdb.2 216548 216550 W
>> 30945 /usr/sbin/smbd brlock.tdb.2.20170419.102626.697770650.corrupt
>> [...]
>> ----- Stack trace for PID=30945 -----
>> ----- Process in D state, printing kernel stack only
>> [<ffffffffa05b253d>] __fuse_request_send+0x13d/0x2c0 [fuse]
>> [<ffffffffa05b26d2>] fuse_request_send+0x12/0x20 [fuse]
>> [<ffffffffa05bb66c>] fuse_setlk+0x16c/0x1a0 [fuse]
>> [<ffffffffa05bc40f>] fuse_file_lock+0x5f/0x210 [fuse]
>> [<ffffffff81253a73>] vfs_lock_file+0x23/0x40
>> [<ffffffff81255069>] fcntl_setlk+0x159/0x310
>> [<ffffffff81210fe1>] SyS_fcntl+0x3e1/0x610
>> [<ffffffff816968c9>] system_call_fastpath+0x16/0x1b
>> [<ffffffffffffffff>] 0xffffffffffffffff
> So this tells you that smbd was wedged in the cluster filesystem.
I've passed this on to the MooseFS devs to see if they know what it 
might be.

>> [...]
>> It does look like we have some database corruption.
>> What may have caused this, and is there any way to resolve it?
> The good news is that you're only seeing it in vacuuming and you're
> not actually seeing TDB errors in smbd.
> Still, it isn't something we've seen.  If we figure out anything then
> we'll definitely let you know...
> peace & happiness,
> martin

Thanks very much Martin, very helpful of you.


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