[Samba] IPv6?

Phil Susi psusi at ubuntu.com
Tue Apr 11 14:22:33 UTC 2017

On 4/11/2017 9:24 AM, David Holder wrote:
> Hi Phil,
> NBT name resolution is IPv4 only. Samba does work over IPv6, but
> NetBIOS name resolution is and always will be IPv4 only. It is a
> feature of the protocol not Samba.

How can this be?  Everything I have read about SMB for the last 20 years
or so has said that it is based entirely on NetBIOS, and has no concept
even of IPv4; that it is NBT that translates NetBIOS to run over IPv4.

The slide show indicates that you have to use DNS for name resolution.
Does that mean that if you have a DNS AAAA record, then it will use
IPv6?  What about mDNS?  For that matter, why don't Windows workstations
appear to register their link local addresses with the Windows' Sever
dynamic dns foo.local domain?

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