[Samba] Failures after update Samba 4.6.2

Ricardo Pardim Claus ricardo.claus at yahoo.com.br
Sun Apr 9 11:49:09 UTC 2017

Dear Andrew
For testing purposes, I returned the VM snapshot to version 4.4.5. I circled the command below:

# samba-tool dbcheck --cross-ncs --fix --yes

But no error is found.
It seems to me that the crash occurs in version 4.6.2 of Samba.

Should I be concerned with the bug that appears in version 4.6.2? Or can I ignore it and keep my DC's in this version?

Thank you for your support!

On Sat, 2017-04-08 at 21:07 +0000, Ricardo  wrote:
> Dear Andrew
> SRV13 was one of DC's. Today it no longer exists.
> In my case, is it possible to solve this problem?
> If I return the VM snapshot in the previous version of Samba (4.4.5),
> and try to fix the problem by running the command, is it the best
> solution?

It won't do anything - the code in that case hid the 'problem' from
dbcheck.  It seems likely that we will again 'hide' the problem from
administrators in the future but for now just ignore it. 


Andrew Bartlett
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