[Samba] Demoting offline DC on 4.3.11-Ubuntu

Mickey Bankhead mbankhead at gccsda.com
Wed Apr 5 22:50:34 UTC 2017

I have recently added a DC to my AD - Former DC was Samba 4.1.6, new DC is
4.3.11 (latest supported by Ubuntu).

There's also a Window 2008 server I had tried to join as an AD - that
server, wouldn't completely join and replicate to the 4.1.6 samba AD, and
now it will not Un-join the AD "domain" either via dcpromo.

This brings me to my actual question -

Now that I have completed all the steps to join and migrate my AD to the
new samba server, samba-tool domain demote will NOT succeed for my old
4.1.6 DC - it complains about the "broken" 2k8 AD server, and won't demote.

I thought I would  shut down the old 2k8 broken DC and the 4.1.6 DC
servers, and then demote these "offline" servers?  BUT The samba.org howto
for demoting offline servers
says if you are running older than samba 4.4, then upgrade samba first
before demoting offline servers.   -  well - I am already running the
latest Ubuntu "official" samba - 4.3.11 -- Does this mean I should NOT try
and demote until I upgrade to 4.4?

Ubuntu does not supply 4.4 yet - so I'd have to install from source - which
I hate to do on a production server because I then have to manually
maintain updates forever (instead of just running apt-get to update)...

Any thoughts/recommendations?

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