[Samba] Public share ask for a password

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Tue Apr 4 15:12:23 UTC 2017

> >
> > I am not the only one Louis and this is one of the reasons why.
> > Just what has an init system got to do with mounting a filesystem ??
> In and of itself? Nothing. With tools linked to it, like the stable
> and well supported "autofs", ideally configured with a relevant and
> protected CIFS credential file? A great deal. I find autofs very handy
> for network shares that might fail at any time.
> I would most certainly *not* attempt to craft a replacement for autofs
> out of systemd init scripts. That way lies a lot of the problems with
> systemd.

*( im getting a bit offtoppic here.) 

Thats your opinion, you use linux so what you choose is up to you.

Sysvol is build about 25-30 years ago.. 
I know only one good thing with such long development time. 
The Volkswagen Golf :-)  whohoo..  
( ok 2, and sysv ;-)) 
yes, sysv is/was good, but getting old and needs replacement.
And upstart was really not my thing, I didnt like it. 

For me its like.
....Driving skoda now.. a bit of the VW golf ;-) 
Now read this story... and get my point.

When i started driving my first Skoda everybody was saying wtf... 
no bad car, why skoda, dont drive skoda etc.. 
( that was about 12-13 years ago ) 
When i now look on the road, all i see is skoda. 
( thirth one driving now and very happy with it. ) 

Before i did drive a VW Golf. Very good car, but you know... 
The VW golfs compaired to the skoda cars i've driven..
Even if the skoda started as a "crappy" car ( more the looks), but héé its a car not a model, and out of all cars, the skoda was the car with least problems or no major things. 

Now the golf had things like, 
- close a door and you back windows drops out of the car ( Golf ) eekk.. 
( and that was a problem to get my 50+ kg ups out of my car atm.. ) 
- driving home from the Alps and.. eekkk. 1200KM to go and zero! back lights no break lights etc. 

Really major problems. And had a few more with Golf. 
Its not a bad car, but it just needed some modifications. 

skoda... hmm, first one. Navi cable lose.. 
second one.. navi antenna replaced. 
Third one.. no problems until now. 
And same for the skoda, its not the best car but is still improved. 

So yes. Maybe now systemd is crap in your opionion.. ( i dont notice it.. )
but in the long run, it will get better.. 

Even look at where samba started.. and where its now. Major improvements..
And even samba had bumpy roads but in the end it all works out. 

So all i say is dont flame about such things it wont help. 
And give things time to make it work, or go help out to make it work.

Its linux so it all your own choice.. 



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