[Samba] Unable to load roaming profiles samba-4.3 FreeBSD

James B. Byrne byrnejb at harte-lyne.ca
Tue Apr 4 14:23:50 UTC 2017

On Mon, April 3, 2017 14:13, Rowland Penny wrote:

> Try following this wiki page:
> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Roaming_Windows_User_Profiles
> Rowland

I have, several times, read the aforementioned reference.  I followed
it, as it existed at the time, to the best of my understanding when I
set up the domain in October 2016.  Roaming profiles have been working
since that time saving only when we had a time synchronisation
problem.  These issues of which I write now are recent developments.

I modified /etc/nsswitch.conf to remove the compatibility options and
ended up with this:

cat /etc/nsswitch.conf
# nsswitch.conf(5) - name service switch configuration file
# $FreeBSD: releng/10.3/etc/nsswitch.conf 224765 2011-08-10 20:52:02Z
dougb $
group: files winbind
hosts: files dns
networks: files
passwd: files winbind
shells: files
services: files
protocols: files
rpc: files

Restarting the samba_server following this change seems to have
cleared up some of the problems.  But that may be just co-incidental. 
All of the previous users that had this problem report that they now
have their roaming profiles available to them when they log in to the
domain.  There is one other case which I must investigate to determine
if the issue is resolved.

As that user happens to be myself I am extremely interested in the
outcome.  However, as my personal workstation is a CentOS Linux box it
may take a little time before I get a chance to test my roaming

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