[Samba] Share 'IPC$' has wide links and unix extensions enabled

Thomas Schulz schulz at adi.com
Fri Sep 30 14:14:32 UTC 2016

We are running Samba 4.4.6 as a file server.
In the logs for a few client machines I see entries such as:

[2016/09/29 22:36:58.862575,  0]
  Share 'IPC$' has wide links and unix extensions enabled. These
  parameters are incompatible. Wide links will be disabled for this share.

I assume that Share 'IPC$' is some sort of automatically created share
as we define no such share. We do have wide links enabled globally but
we do not have unix extensions enabled anywhere. I assume that this
message is harmless, but I am wondering where it comes from.

Tom Schulz
Applied Dynamics Intl.
schulz at adi.com

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