[Samba] Good Bye SAMBA?!?!?

Steve Ankeny steve_a at cinergymetro.net
Wed Sep 28 11:11:49 UTC 2016

On 09/27/2016 05:19 PM, Mauricio Tavares via samba wrote:
> I, on the other hand:
> - Have to run Firefox to find out why Internet Explorer was not
> accessing a given url because IE gives me no useful error messages.
> - Realize that no matter the relationship between Microsoft and Samba,
> the Redmond business will never tell the open source group everything
> about its SMB implementation.
> - Notice that many technologies used in Microsoft came from Unix or
> open source projects, which are then modified internally (MIT Kerberos
> and docker anyone?). Try doing proper network analysis in Windows to
> hunt down latency using Microsoft products and let me know how far you
> get.
> - Prefer to manage Windows servers using (gasp!) command line,
> specifically powershell! Since you are scared of "consoles,"
> powershell sure is not for you.
> - Do not like to be locked in one ecosystem
> - Do not understand why Windows server 2012 requires 40GB just to run.
> - Believe rebooting a server to see if that fix things is not proper
> systems management.
> I manage Windows and Linux servers; guess which ones require way more
> hand holding?
>> So, for now on, I will use Windows tool in my servers...
>> I know many of you guys, just love Linux... I also love Linux, but came on!
>> We have a hard way to do thing works properly...
>        Just to let you know, it is very easy to be a mediocre Windows
> system admin and put together a few servers that will work well
> enough. Just click and click and click and talk to the paperclip and
> all will work. But, to be really good, you have to be able to do all
> those things you dread about Linux. And even then you are fighting an
> uphill battle because Microsoft does not publish the real performance
> details of their implementations.
>> In Windows everything is just forward straight ahead.....
>        At the mediocre level, sure. At a real expert level, not a
> chance. I know a few expert Windows managers and you are not at their
> level. Don't take that as a personal insult, but it takes years and
> lots of work to get at their level. And, IMHO they are as skilled as
> an equivalent Linux manager.
> Now, the beauty about using Microsoft products is the reliability
> expectation from your users is much lower than for Unix/Linux.
>> Sorry! But it's time to shift!
>> Or, perhaps, I am just do wrong things all this time....
>> BTW, I will give a try to other ways....
>> Sorry for outburst!
Exactly right, Mauricio!  I've encountered the same problems you describe.

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