[Samba] RSAT Description Portuguese pt_BR

Denis Cardon denis.cardon at tranquil-it-systems.fr
Fri Sep 23 15:01:15 UTC 2016

Hi Edson,

> I´m here again...
> I´ve just started an replication environment and everything is fine, but i
> saw an strange thing.
> When i connect to DC1 with RSAT, everything is OK, but when i connect to
> DC2, some "descriptions" they are presenting encoding problems with special
> characters.
> I´m using Windows in my native language (Portuguese from Brazil).
> For example:
> Usuário appears as Usu?rio
> Contâiner appears as Cont?iner

Actually there are some translations stored into the AD ldap tree. You 
can see for instance the translation for brazilian portuguese (OS 
language code 0416) for the translation of computador :

You can even find some Chinese characters in that CN=DisplaySpecifiers 
container :-) Actually I became aware of that curiosity three or four 
years ago when I had a encoding issue, but in my case it was messing up 
the replication process altogether (but that was a long long time ago).

Nowadays you shouldn't have any issue with encoding while doing 
replication. Could you check if you haven't played with unix charset or 
dos charset in your smb.conf file?



> I don´t know if i can attach an image in this message to show you exactly
> what is happen.
> Thanks!!!

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