[Samba] Error "Unable to enumerate group memberships"

Marino Junior mbsjunior at mppr.mp.br
Fri Sep 23 14:07:56 UTC 2016


I'm trying to upgrade samba 3.6 with openldap backend to samba 4.4.5
through samba classicupgrade process.

I'm getting plenty (but not in all entries) of these errors during samba
classicupgrade process: "Ignoring group memberships of 'lmecardoso'
S-1-5-21-2016195122-1048547273-1752533818-749512: Unable to enumerate group
memberships, (-1073741596,This error indicates that the requested operation
cannot be completed due to a catastrophic media failure or an on-disk data
structure corruption.)"

I investigated and some of the users which the error occurred are members
of just one posixGroup which have sambaGroupMapping objectClass also while
others that performed with no errors are members of a few groups with the
same features (posixGroup and sambaGroupMapping). Thus, I can't understand
why it's been unable to enumerate group memberships.

I tried to read the source code and got nothing interesting to solve this.
Any idea on why is this happening and how to avoid that?

Thanks in advance


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