[Samba] Failed to issue the StartTLS instruction - yet ldap ssl = no is set

lejeczek peljasz at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Sep 14 16:30:59 UTC 2016

nothing here is meant to be personal, but.. why so hasty? 
Why such a rush?

On 14/09/16 16:15, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
> Good point, but why not post it as your second version, but with ';' in
> front of the lines ?
just take a moment to read ... thoroughly
> It may be that it isn't a Samba problem, I have seen similar problems
> with selinux or apparmor denying access.
nope, in permissive mode
> He still hasn't said why he wants to run Samba twice on the same
> machine, or how he is trying to do this.
I also said:
".. At this moment only this one instance of Samba is 
".. Well, two instances would be a solution, workaround to 
another problem I ran into, more difficult to overcome. But 
that is not the issue to which I seek help here..."
so again, at this moment only one instance.

I really think it should be easy to reproduce - just use 
above directives, and to get warnings about dbwrap_watchers.tdb
use ldap backend to passdb, then no matter with ssl or 
without - fails as in the thread subject:

non-standard bit in smb.conf:

  root directory = /var/lib/samba-second
   lock directory = /var/lib/samba-second
   state directory = /var/lib/samba-second
   cache directory = /var/lib/samba-second
   private dir = /var/lib/samba-second/private
   ncalrpc dir = /run/samba-second/ncalrpc
   ntp signd socket directory = /var/lib/samba-second/ntp_signd
   winbindd socket directory = /run/samba-second/winbindd-second
   winbindd privileged socket directory = 
   pid directory = /run/samba-second

many thanks

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