[Samba] Not authentication on Slackware domain member

Mark Foley mfoley at ohprs.org
Fri Sep 9 04:23:24 UTC 2016

I've successfully set up a single-sign-on for a domain member using Ubuntu. Now I'm trying to
do the same for Slackware. I've and installed kerberos and PAM and followed the instructions in

I can successfully do `wbinfo -u` and `getent passwd userID`. But, when I try to log I get:

$ su - mark
su: Authentication failure

In my /var/log/secure I have:

Sep  8 22:59:34 labrat su[1396]: Authentication failed for mark
Sep  8 22:59:34 labrat su[1396]: FAILED su for mark by mfoley
Sep  8 22:59:34 labrat su[1396]: - /dev/pts/0 mfoley:mark

I'm suspecting PAM. The Slackware PAM did not ship with a /etc/pam.d directory so I used the
one from the wiki website.  That one did pass all the `make check` tests in the pam build

What can I do to get more information on figuring this out? I can rebuild pam with debugging
if that seems the likely culprit.

Thanks --Mark

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