[Samba] Ubuntu, ping host by its NetBios name (Samba from sources) !

CpServiceSpb cpservicespb at gmail.com
Sun Sep 4 07:57:07 UTC 2016

> I don't think what you are trying to do will work and I also don't 
> think you need to do it. You are trying to ping by the machines 
> netbios name using wins, the machine netbios name is also the machines 
> hostname, so by replacing 'wins' with 'dns' the ping will work, so why 
> bother?

Some of hosts in my network I need to resolve are not presented and in 
my Dns server and not to be added to Dns, as following, it will not able 
to be resolved.
I need that hosts would be resolved at Ubuntu either using broadcast or 
using wins.
The same as Windows behaviour: DNS, NetBIOS lookup, WINS, etc.
And if Dns resolving are failed, NetBIOS lookup or WINS is engaged.


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