[Samba] Integrating remote Samba DC in existing 2012R2 AD

Bogdan Rudas brudas at exadel.com
Thu Oct 27 12:59:26 UTC 2016

Hello all!

We have Windows-base AD with 2012R2 level. I would like to provide
authentication and GPO in our new remote branch office. Basically, there
are two ways:
1. Samba-only domain + trust relationship main AD.
2. Remote Samba DC as members of existing AD maintainig same set of users.

FAQ says that 'trust' is useless due to group membership restrictions. But
what about second option, does it make sense to use Samba as remote DC?
What restrictions will be applied in this case?

Thank you!

Bogdan Rudas
Head of Minsk IT Support Department
Exadel Inc.
E-mail: brudas at exadel.com
Skype ID: bogdan.rudas


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