[Samba] smb.conf veto files entry question

Vinicius Bones Silva vbs at e-trust.com.br
Thu Oct 27 12:40:42 UTC 2016

There's no contradiction. '/' is used to separate filenames in veto files, therefore it 
cannot be a part of the underlying file name. This means you cannot have /path/to/vetofile 
specified, just vetofile. I've never used veto files, but I assume once you specify it, 
these files will be hidden on matter where they are in the share subtree.

Em 27/10/2016 10:25, Bob of Donelson Trophy via samba escreveu:
> While working on my existing member file server smb.conf config file I
> found an entry for "veto files" like the following:
> veto files = /.bash_logout/.bash_profile/.bash_history/.bashrc/
> The "man smb.conf" entry says:
> veto files (S)
>             This is a list of files and directories that are neither
> visible
>             nor accessible. Each entry in the list must be separated by a
> '/',
>             which allows spaces to be included in the entry. '*' and '?'
> can be
>             used to specify multiple files or directories as in DOS
> wildcards.
>             Each entry must be a unix path, not a DOS path and must not
> include
>             the unix directory separator '/'.
>             ..... snipped for brevity .....
> Am I reading a contradiction?
> First paragraph says "Each entry in the list must be separated by a '/',
> which allows spaces to be included in the entry."
> And then the next paragraph says: ". . . . must not include the unix
> directory separator '/'."
> What? Can anyone explain?


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