[Samba] PDC died, broken after reboot

Dr. Lars Hanke debian at lhanke.de
Wed Oct 26 10:38:54 UTC 2016

A couple of days ago my PDC died due to a hardware failure. Since I had 
a secondary DC I hoped it would take over silently. Well, it did, but 
not exactly silently. I finally claimed the PDC role for it, which 
apparently worked. But I had to edit the DNS information to remove the 
PDC using the management console. After that the system seemed to work. 
At least I could log in from our Win7 clients.

Now I had to reboot after a power fail. Linux clients using Kerberos and 
LDAP on the new DC still work flawlessly. However after some time the 
system broke. It turned out that the Bind9 DLZ server was not running 
(anymore?) and would not restart, since it lacked reverse domains.

I had a slave server, which had the zones cached. I made this one 
authorative to get the system going again. Logons from Linux work fine. 
But Win7 logins fail.

I meanwhile have the file system of the original DC accessible again and 
could put that into a VM.

Is there any advise how to get the system going again? I'm close to 
scrap it all and restart from scratch.

Thanks for your help,

  - lars.

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