[Samba] Fix sharing ACL

Ricardo Pardim Claus ricardo.claus at yahoo.com.br
Tue Oct 25 12:16:29 UTC 2016

Dear Rowland, 
I changed smb.conf as its tip. 
I had already read about the ACL's Windows and Posix. 
Even changing the smb.conf and using the ACL methods, I still do not write access to the folder. 


# mkdir /mnt/data/teste1 
# ls -all  /mnt/data/teste1 
total 12 
drwxrws---+  2 administrator domain admins    6 Out 25 10:05 . 
drwxrwxr-x+ 10 root          domain admins 4096 Out 25 10:05 .. 

# chmod 2770 /mnt/data/teste1 
# chown administrator:"Domain Admins" /mnt/data/teste1

Logged in as administrator / domain admin, still I get access denied error when I try to create a file in this folder.

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