[Samba] Bidirectional wiki page correction suggestion

Bob of Donelson Trophy bob at donelsontrophy.net
Sun Oct 23 14:40:36 UTC 2016

I just setup replication of sysvol between my two DC's using the
"Bidirectional Rsync/osync based SysVol replication workaround" and all
went well with two exception. 

First, it seems that since an upgrade to Openssh version 7.0 that "dsa"
key use is disabled by default by the Openssh team. There has been some
questions for some time now regarding the security of "dsa" keys and the
new default is to use "rsa" keys. (Not opening a "dsa"/"rsa" key debate
here, Openssh team did what they did. An Internet search found other
distros noting the same dsa/rsa issue.) 

Simply changing the "dsa" throughout the directions to "rsa" solved any
problems I was having and all went well. 

Perhaps the wiki pages, both "Bidirectional Rsync/osync based SysVol
replication workaround" and "Bidirectional Rsync/unison based SysVol
replication workaround" should be adjusted to reflect the "new" "rsa"
key default. 

Second, the "root" in the 'crontab -e' string suggestion is not needed
(on Ubuntu 16.04 in my case) as user is setting up a crontab process
within the "root" crontab. No reason to call the user at all (again, in
my case with Ubuntu 16.04.) (Other distros might be different.) 

This is only a suggestion. 

Thank you.


Bob Wooden of Donelson Trophy

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