[Samba] Bind_DLZ and two AD DC

Michael Howard mike at dewberryfields.co.uk
Sat Oct 22 07:44:47 UTC 2016

On 21/10/2016 21:58, Alex Crow via samba wrote:
>>> Simple answer - Yes, all your DCs need to run the same DNS
>>> implementation. Mixing is not supported. You can convert your DCs at
>>> any time but it's probably better to decide before deployment.
>>> Cheers
>>> Alex
>> Alex, I am a Bit perplexed here, you seem to be replying to posts that
>> have never been posted to the list and whilst they are sort of
>> relevant to the subject, they should have been in their own separate
>> subject.
>> Rowland
> Not sure I understand. I was looking at the list for replies to my
> problem and while I was doing it I saw some posts to the list, that I
> thought I could help with. Everything I've replied to has been on-list
> and posted back to it.
> I'm pretty sure I didn't change the subject back to my subject when I
> helped these people. Did you make sure your email client is working OK?
> Or maybe my reply settings are not correct?
> In fact on the subject "Bind_DLZ and two AD DC" you replied just before
> I did.
The confusion probably arises from the fact that two of your replies on 
this thread are in response to 'Means, Jeffrey D.', who doesn't appear 
to have posted in this thread.
In fact, he doesn't appear to have posted to the list this year at all.


Mike Howard

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