[Samba] samba 4.5.0 on HPUX(IA-64) make quicktest fails as not able to recognize vlp as valid printing value.

Arjit Gupta arjitk.gupta at gmail.com
Sat Oct 22 03:21:17 UTC 2016

Hi Team,

I have build samba 4.5.0.on hpux.
On running make quick test fails as it is not able to recognize vlp value
for printing.

Extract from log:-

doing parameter strict sync = yes
doing parameter vfs objects = acl_xattr fake_acls xattr_tdb streams_depot
doing parameter printing = vlp
WARNING: Ignoring invalid value 'vlp' for parameter 'printing'
pm_process() returned No
lp_servicenumber: couldn't find homes
Can't load /home/arjit/samba-4.5.0/st/nt4_dc/lib/server.conf - run testparm
to debug it
Unable to set password for root account
UID_WRAPPER_ROOT=1 ./bin/smbpasswd -c
/home/arjit/samba-4.5.0/st/nt4_dc/lib/server.conf -L -s -a root > /dev/null
at /home/arjit/samba-4.5.0/selftest/target/Samba3.pm line 1108.
Unable to create user at /home/arjit/samba-4.5.0/selftest/target/Samba3.pm
line 1893.

I have checked in build log that vlp is build without any warning . if
required i will share the build logs.

Workaround:- Change the printing value to hpux from vlp.


   - Changing value to hpux from vlp will not change the test case ?
   - What might be possible reason's due to which vlp is not a valid value?

Note:- I am not sure if this issue to be send to samba-technical mail list.
Please let me know if that's the case.

Arjit Kumar

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