[Samba] NS records for a new AD DC

Chris Hastie lists at oak-wood.co.uk
Wed Oct 19 13:30:19 UTC 2016

On 18/10/16 13:59, mathias dufresne via samba wrote:
> Anyway NS records are used when DNS server speak to DNS server, not by
> clients. So AD would work just fine without them.

Surely only if the authoritative name servers  for the AD zones are the
same machines as the resolvers that the clients are configured to use.
Which they are not on this network. Although in such a case it is
probably more important that NS records for the AD zone exist in its
parent zone than in the AD zone itself. An issue outside of Samba's
control, and which I had addressed already anyway.

> NS are used when a client ask something the configured resolver can't
> resolve by himself and when the resolver is not configured to forward
> request to relevant DNS server.

As is the case here.

> It should be possible to have such behaviour on a LAN but I don't expect
> someone able to deploy such a configuration would ask about so knwon
> non-issue.

Your expectations are not always correct then. The question was about
how to use samba-tool to add the NS records. Rowland's helpful response
put me in the right direction. The long and the short of the problem I
was having, in fact, was a typo.

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