[Samba] It is possible to use Samba4 for a LDAP server authentication?

Lucas Ferrari Correa lucasfcorrea_95 at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 18 15:39:43 UTC 2016

Hi Lucas,

Am 17.10.2016 um 17:19 schrieb Lucas Ferrari Correa via samba:
> So what i need to know is, even with the difference between the LDAP
> server and Samba4 structure, it is possible to use Samba4 for an
> external LDAP server authentication and other LDAP purposes?

Sure you can authenticate to Samba AD using the LDAP(S) protocol.
Additionally, it enables you to authenticate using Kerberos, which is
even more cool. :-)


Hello Marc,

Sorry, maybe I didn't describe well my situation. My group uses a 389-ldap server and we already have a large users database and we want to put Samba AD as Domain Controller of this external ldap server. But for we already had searched it can't be found a way to get it. We know that is impossible using an external ldap for Samba database. So what we are trying to find out is a way to syncronize/transfer our external ldap database (with our own schemas that we already modified) with Samba's ldap (knowing its schemas are from MS).

Do you know if it is possible, or have you seen that already? Or just the difference between Samba and our external ldap structures already put us in a dead end?


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