[Samba] Unable to set up home share correctly

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Tue Oct 18 10:11:56 UTC 2016

On Tue, 18 Oct 2016 11:36:32 +0200
Udo Willke via samba <samba at lists.samba.org> wrote:

> Hello Rowland,
> the home folder creation works now(!) It was a misunderstanding on my 
> side. The key phrase in the wiki is:
> "Close the users properties window with „OK“ to save the
> modification. **The users home directory is created on the fly during
> the save processes.**"
> This is a different behaviour as with the "profiles" folders which
> are created during the first login with a new account. I thought it
> would be the same mechanism with the home shares too, which was
> wrong. Sorry for taking so much of your time.

No problem, just glad you got it working ;-)

> Does folder creation also work when I create user accounts on the
> linux side with samba-tool
> samba-tool user create kbuwi first_time_passwd \
>    --userou=CN=Users \
>    --surname="Willke" \
>    --given-name="Udo" \
>    --profile-path="\\\\fileserver\\profiles\\kbudwi" \
>    --home-drive="H" \
>    --home-directory="\\\\fileserver\\home\\kbudwi" \
>    --job-title="IT Specialist" \
>    --department="Some Department" \
>    --company="Some Company" \
>    --description="Some Description" \
>    --mail-address="Udo.Willke at somedomain.edu" \
>    --internet-address="http://somedomain.edu/somepage" \
>    --telephone-number="+49 123/4567890" \
>    --physical-delivery-office="Some Office" \
>    --nis-domain="mydomain" \
>    --unix-home="/var/share/samba/homes/kbudwi" \
>    --uid="$USERNAME" \
>    --uid-number="$uidNumber" \
>    --gid-number="$gidNumber" \
>    --gecos="$PRENAME $NAME" \
>    --login-shell="/bin/false" \
>    --must-change-at-next-login

No, it would be created at first connection, as long as you have set
PAM up to do it for you.
> Is the command meant to be used in this way?

Yes, you can script around samba-tool.

> What I also noticed is, that wbinfo has the --allocate-gid und 
> --allocate-uid options which could be used to assign the $uidNumber
> and $uidNumber variables in my script. However "samba-tool create
> user" is supposed to run as "root" on the DC while "wbinfo
> --allocate-gid" seems to give results only on the member server. Is
> there a possibility to run everything on the same machine? OK, the
> obvious solution is to execute it remotely over ssh.

To be honest, I have never tried using wbinfo to set uid & gid, but if
you are scripting this and can use ldap or ldb tools their are a couple
of attributes you can set in AD, these store the next uid & gid numbers.
You can create users from a domain member with samba-tool, by using the
-H or --url option with ldap//<name of DC>


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