[Samba] Unable to set up home share correctly

Udo Willke udo.willke at freenet.de
Fri Oct 14 12:32:52 UTC 2016

Hello Rowland,

Am 13.10.2016 um 18:25 schrieb Rowland Penny via samba:
> It sounds like you don't have IDMU installed, not sure if you can
> install it on 2012.

are you trying to say that I should install "Identity Management for 
Unix" on a Windows Server 2012? If yes, I am afraid we have a 
misunderstanding here: I don't use any Windows Server in my set-up.

I use a Fileserver with two network interfaces, one connected to a 
private network, the other connected to our university network. A Samba 
AD DC is supposed to manage a small Windows Domain in the private net. 
The fileserver also serves as a gateway to the Windows 7 workstations in 
the private net. Fileserver and AD DC are both running ubuntu 16.04 and 
have the respective Samba packages installed. For testing I have set up 
two Windows 7 Instances on ESXi inside the private net, one with the 
RSAT Tools installed and one as a user PC.

Update: I spent the morning setting up a fresh member server 
("FILESERVER2") for testing inside the private net (with 1 NIC only, 
thereby reducing complexity) I think, I have made all the necessary 
steps and did not forget to grant the SeDiskOperatorPrivilege rights to 
the Domain Admins

root at fileserver2:/var/log/samba# net rpc rights list 'MYDOMAIN\Domain 
Admins' -U'MYDOMAIN\Administrator' -S addc01
Enter MYDOMAIN\Administrator's password:

Now I'm stuck in the RSAT Computer Management Console where I am denied 
access to the share configuration. On the navigation tree in the left 
window "Local users and groups" is shown as locked (and I remember this 
went only away after I assigned a uidNumber to the Adminstrator account 
and made it a member of the Domain Admins Unix Group). Can't tell if 
this is a useful hint.

Best Regards


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